How would you feel if you add 10 new customers to your business each day? Growth and increased productivity are two things that any entrepreneur would desire to have in their business. However, for many, it remains a burning desire that never converts to reality. Some of the pillars to the realization of this objective are reliable customer care and trust.

For your customer to trust you, you must offer them two things – quality products and security of their information. In this essence, your credit card readers can build or break your business.  Here are tips on how to turn your card readers into customer magnets:

Ensure they can accept mobile payments

Undoubtfully, you have more than one mobile wallet and payment apps on your smartphone. In the new era, credit and debit cards might be on their last phase. Many people are subscribing to mobile payments. In this essence, you must ensure your business serves modern customers better by ensuring it can accept mobile payment. Thus, ensure to install credit card terminals that are NFC technology enabled (Near Field Communication). These readers can integrate with popular mobile payment and process the transaction virtually. By this, you will be able to serve a large number of customers who are preferring contactless payment approaches for fear of cyber-attacks.

Use the captured card readers data for marketing purpose

In the modern competitive market, the ability to capture data and build customer database is the secret of effective marketing. Your credit card readers come with the capability of collecting essential information about your customers. Instead of letting it lie on your computer database, you can utilize it in your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can use the customers’ email and phone numbers to inform them about upcoming offers. Also, the information can help you to achieve personalization which is the key driver of the modern market. By this, you can attract more customers in your business and have recurring sales.

Ensure it has strong security features

If customers suspect that your system is endangering their personal information, purchasing your business will be a hard tackle. The opposite is also true. When customer find that your card readers have reliable security features, they will not listen to other marketing gospels. Regardless of the prices, you are charging them; they will keep on coming for more products and services.  Thus, always ensure that the credit card readers have reliable and robust security features to attract customers in your business.